Enslaved to Empowered : Digital Workbook

About the Product
Miriam as a mentor for inner child healing & manifestation

Pesach spotlights one of the most monumental stories in Jewish history and it deserves more of our focus than just the physical preparation. What we often forget, or perhaps put in the back seat, is the inner preparation.

In this “Enslaved to Empowered: Miriam as a Mentor for Inner Child Healing & Manifestation” DIGITAL DOWNLOAD workbook, we will explore the story of Miriam (and Yocheved) and consider deep lessons we can gain from their journey. You will receive several pages of teachings and six worksheets to help you connect with and heal your inner child. By the end, you will understand personal power and manifestation. Feel free to explore this pamphlet before the holiday or use it as a guide throughout the holiday. Either way, it will help you keep your active focus on Pesach as an inner journey that can help shift something within you.


“In every generation, we are obligated to see ourselves as though we personally came out of Egypt,”
The journey from slavery to freedom is one we need to travel in every generation
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
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