Jewish Family Purity 101 Course

About the Course
Reframing Taharat Hamishpacha as a practice for us, not imposed on us.

This course is intended for Jewish women who do not have previous knowledge about the practices of Taharat Hamishpacha. This is an opportunity to connect with your Jewish female essence in a well rounded manner. We will start with the fundamentals and thoroughly move through each step and the various practices with the objective of establishing a solid foundation. This deep knowledge yields women who are connected with their traditions, body, and power confidently. Women will exit this course feeling halachically comfortable, knowledgeable, empowered.


***You must be accepted into this course.***

Group classes are offered by demand only. The group setting provides a unique opportunity for Jewish brides to connect with each other as they experience the same monumental life experience.

Course Includes

The group option of this course includes (recommended):

Six live group sessions (Zoom)

Each session is two hours and completely confidential. Expect focused learning and applicable discussions throughout each of the two-hour sessions.

1 Private 1:1 session (Zoom)

This session will give us an opportunity to discuss more personal topics that are important to you. We use this time to coordinate the specifics of your wedding date in conjunction with your pre-wedding mikvah arrangements.

Exclusive WhatsApp community group

The WhatsApp group is a safe, judgment-free, confidential space outside of course time where you can communicate with each other and with me.

Course Includes:


$390 group | 6 live zoom sessions + 1 private 1:1 session


$600 private | 6 private 1:1 sessions

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Upcoming Course Dates

Tuesday- March 19, 2024 (20:00-22:00 IL, 2-4pm EST, 11-1 PST)

Tuesday- March 26, 2024 (20:00-22:00 IL, 2-4pm EST, 11-1 PST)

Tuesday- April 2, 2024 (20:00-22:00 IL, 1-3pm EST, 10-12 PST)

Tuesday- April 9, 2024 (20:00-22:00 IL, 1-3pm EST, 10-12 PST)

Tuesday- April 16, 2024 (20:00-22:00 IL, 1-3pm EST, 10-12 PST)

Wednesday- May 1, 2024 (20:00-22:00 IL, 1-3pm EST, 10-12 PST)



Let's break it down
Session Focus

Session I: Anatomy and physiology 

  • Course rules: Confidentiality, judgment-free, safe space
  • Female anatomy and physiology
  • Male anatomy and physiology 
  • Birth control options
  • Practical planning regarding birth control and pre-wedding ceremony (if applicable)

Session II:  Foundational concepts

  • Origins and background of Taharat Hamishpacha
  • What is considered Niddah  
  • The concept and role of Hargasha
  • Ways that “external staining” can be disregarded
  • Comprehensive Halachic understanding of colors
  • When and how to ask a Halachic question

Session III: Niddah

  • Why and how to count the days of Niddah
  • Practices of Niddah
  • Overview of Harchacot 
  • Shalom Bayit and staying emotionally connected as a couple
  • What we can learn from the psychological, emotional, and physical stages of menstruation
  • Reframing: Niddah as an opportunity for self-development

Session IV: The Mikvah

  • Timing of and preparing for Mikvah
  • Shifting our mindset of the Mikvah prep
  • Technicalities of immersion
  • Spiritual practice
  • How to use Mikvah as prayer

Session V: Halacha and Onot

  • Holding space for the emotional shift: Tumah & Tahara
  • Review of Taharat of Mishpacha
  • Review of pre-wedding Halachic schedule
  • Onot
  • Discussion, Q&A, processing of course concepts
  • Introduction to sex and sexuality 

Session 6: 

  • Normalize evolving sexual relationships within marriage
  • Practical solutions for prioritizing marital intimacy 
  • The role of pleasure
  • Our pre-existing biases 
  • Sexual health mindset
Often Kallah lessons can be awkward or outdated. Not for me!
I was lucky to learn with Malka Chana who is open, honest and judgment-free. We talked about everything. It was the best choice of my engagement period.
- Michal Van Dween
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