Sacred Women’s Moon Course (Digital Course)

About the Course
Become confident and empowered in your womanhood through the gift of the awareness of your cycle.

This course teaches you how to tap into your powerful female essence while understanding your cyclical nature. We will cover topics of anatomy and physiology, the different phases of the menstrual cycle, sex/sexuality, and the variety of birth control options. We will explore values and beliefs about these topics, as well as develop skills to manage your sexual health/arousal and navigate relationships.

Like the moon, women experience times of waxing and waning; with the guidance of this course you will learn to ride these waves of womanhood. A developed menstrual cycle consciousness will help you lift the societal taboos around all things menstruation and free yourself of shame. Not only will you leave this course with a greater understanding of your own body, but you will be empowered by education, reflection, personal growth and love.

This is the sexual education class you never received but always needed. This is your homecoming into yourself. Looking forward to taking the journey together!

*** Note: Any woman 18+ is welcome: married, unmarried, sexually active, not sexually active, Jewish, non-Jewish—everyone.
Course Includes

6 Modules of Prerecorded Classes

Each of these 6 modules is completely JAM PACKED with life changing and empowering educational content. Make your way through these recordings at your own pace, and jump around/ jump back as needed. Be ready to feel confident in your feminine knowledge and inspired to become the strong grounded woman that dwells deep within your soul.

50 Page Course Workbook (Digital Download)

You will be provided a digital workbook intended to be used for guided note taking, which you can reference in the future as your own “handbook.” This lovely workbook contains several detailed and reflective prompts to inspire thoughtful journaling exercises, to aid your processing of the material on a deeper, more individual level. 

Sacred Womanhood Coloring Book (Digital Download)

Feel inspired by these beautifully and uniquely crafted female anatomy images. As you bring them to life with your own creativity, you have the opportunity to become more comfortable and familiar with all parts of yourself (literally!). Through this artistic, meditative and intimate self discovery experience, you will develop a deep trust of your body that awakens the powerful inner feminine wisdom within you.

Period Tracker (Digital Download)

By tracking your menstruation, leaning in, and getting curious about your cycle you become friends with your flow in an intimate way. Through this downloadable chart you’re going to unlock awareness and knowledge that takes the surprise factor out of menstruation. Get to know yourself and invite flow and harmony into your life.

This course is no longer offered in live format. This digital course is the only way to access this jackpot of awesome educational content.
Course Includes:

6 Modules of Prerecorded Classes

50 Page Course Workbook (PDF)

Sacred Womanhood Coloring Book (PDF)

Period Tracker (PDF)

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Good News!

The Sacred Woman’s Moon Course is completely digital and can be done at your own pace on your own time!

(I got your back busy lady 😉)

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Let's break it down
Session Focus

Module 1

Anatomy & physiology 

Module 2

Vaginal Health

Module 3

Reproductive Processes

Module 4

Menstrual Cycle Consciousness

Module 5

Birth Control

Module 6

Sexuality & Pleasure

I am truly grateful for the new awareness I gained about my body and my cycle!
When I'm on my period I feel like a DIFFERENT woman! Thank you Malka Chana!
-Leigh Loffe
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