Secrets of Hair Covering

About the Workshop
The best resource for all things hair covering—Finally

You’re invited to come and learn the Who? What? Where? When? How? of hair covering!

In this JAM PACKED 35min prerecorded class, you will receive a FULL tutorial on the Bohemian Balabusta Hair Wrap, how I do it, which style wraps are the best, where do I shop etc.

I will also be answering the most frequently asked questions I receive about wrapping, a historical/halachic explanation and you’ll gain lots of tips and tricks along the way! As a bonus, you’ll receive exclusive discounted links on my favorite hair wrapping products!

Sneak peak into some of the questions I’ll be answering:

  • How can one spiritually relate to hair covering?
  • How to prevent headaches?
  • Can you explain halachic insight into this practice?
  • How do you handle judgement from others for hair covering?
  • Who is allowed to wrap their hair?


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Whats Included
I loved the workshop so much!
It solidified my "why" for hair covering- It's my choice backed by connecting to Torah & Holiness.
- Emunah Tolbert
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