Taharat Hamishpacha Refresher Course

About the Course
Confidently take this mitzvah back into your hands

In this course, we will re-familiarize ourselves with the laws of Taharat Hamishpacha. We will explore the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of the menstrual cycle. With a full appreciation of our female anatomy and physiology, we will access the gateway to tune into the ancient female wisdom and step into our authority as WOMAN. Taharat Hamishpacha is the perfect structure to facilitate self-discovery, personal connection, and growth.

Let’s learn together. Let’s empower each other. Let’s connect with our inner female essence. Let’s reclaim this mitzvah.

***You must be accepted into this course.***

Course Includes

Five live group sessions (Zoom)

Each session is two hours and completely confidential. Expect focused learning and applicable discussions throughout each of the two-hour sessions.

Refresher Course Workbook

You will be provided a digital workbook intended to be used for guided note taking, which you can reference in the future as your own “handbook.” This beautiful workbook contains several detailed and  reflective prompts to inspire thoughtful journaling exercises, to aid your processing of the material on a deeper, more individual level.

Exclusive WhatsApp community group

The WhatsApp group is a safe, judgment-free, confidential space outside of course time where you can communicate with each other and with me.

Note: In the case of scheduling conflicts, please know that each session will be recorded and the recording made available to all participants for one week, so that you can watch at your leisure.
Course Includes:

5 live group zoom sessions (Recordings  available upon request)

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The course will be held on Mondays, during the following time slots:

12pm (CST),10am (PST), 1pm (EST), 8pm (IST)

May 20, 2024

May 27, 2024

June 3, 2024

June 10, 2024

June 17, 2024






(Israel time) 8pm-10pm

(England) 6pm-8pm

(EST) 1pm-3pm

Let's break it down
Session Focus

Session I: Introduction

  • Course rules: Confidentiality, judgment-free, safe space
  • Anatomy & physiology 
  • Birth control options
  • Origins and background of Taharat Hamishpacha
  • What situations are considered Niddah

Session II: Foundational concepts

  • The concept and role of Hargasha
  • Ways that “external staining” can be disregarded
  • Comprehensive Halachic understanding of colors
  • When and how to ask a Halachic question
  • Overview: why and how to count the days of Niddah

Session III: Niddah

  • Counting the days of Niddah
  • Basic Overview of Harchacot 
  • Reframing: Niddah as an opportunity for self-development
  • What we can learn from the psychological, emotional, and physical stages of the menstrual cycle

Session IV: The Mikvah

  • Timing of and preparing for Mikvah
  • Shifting our mindset of the Mikvah prep
  • Technicalities of immersion
  • Spiritual practice
  • How to use Mikvah as prayer
  • Holding space for the emotional shift: Tumah & Tahara

Session V: Onot

  • The concept of onah
  • Normalize evolving sexual relationships within marriage
  • Female sexual psychology 
  • Practical solutions for prioritizing marital intimacy 
  • The role of pleasure
Her body-positive, sex positive and female-positive approach permeates her teaching.
Her goal is to empower women in their experience of keeping this Mitzvah. She teaches in a detailed, thorough and very clear manner. Highly recommended!
- Nava Levine-Coren
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