Her Sacred Center Calendar (2024)

About the Product
A calendar to encourage centeredness within the chaos of life.

“While doing my own personal reflection on 2023 and mentally shifting into 2024, I noticed a strong desire for personal groundedness and centeredness, no matter what is going on outside of me. I want to be reminded my safe space is within me. I am my peace. So, I created a wall calendar which suggests just that!” -Designed with love <3 Malka Chana

Her Sacred Center calendar (11″ x 8.5″) comes in high quality paper stock with boho/70s style images on each page bringing a chill feminine vibe into any physical space and of course also, your inner soul space!

Each calendar comes with a spiral binding and a centered hole for wall hanging.

Enjoy Girlfriend! ✌🏼


Every day I can now be reminded to connect to my Sacred Center within any storm
Malka Chana Amichai
half moon
full moon