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The complex inner-workings of our physiological system amplifies the emotional and spiritual work we are invited to do by the mere fact that we reside in female bodies. As we move through female life cycle events, we can grow by practicing self development, finding our voice, befriending ourselves, discovering and speaking out for our needs, locating our self worth and being a woman at the core of everything we do and experience.

Familiarize yourself with what can and should be the most familiar:
you—your self.

Build confidence in your womanhood. Bring awareness to your self by understanding and being compassionate with your seasons. Cultivate a harmonious relationship with your body. Accept the invitation to become your best and most empowered self.

Sacred Women's Moon


Moon course
Become empowered through the awareness of your cycle
6 Part Digital Course

This course teaches you how to better understand your cyclical self. We will cover topics of anatomy and physiology, sex and sexuality, the different phases of the menstrual cycle, and the variety of birth control options. We will explore values and beliefs about these topics as well as develop skills to manage your sexual health and navigate relationships. We will learn that like the moon, women experience times of waxing and waning. A developed menstrual cycle consciousness will help us lift the societal taboos around all things menstruation. 

*** Note:
Any woman 18+ is welcome: married, unmarried, sexually active, not sexually active, Jewish, non-Jewish—everyone.

Touched Out & Untouched


The mandatory prerequisite to waking up your libido
1.5 hour Recorded Class

Unsticking a stuck libido isn’t a matter of flipping a switch; instead, it is about connecting to yourself. Let yourself be guided towards understanding how to take care of and how to love and support yourself both spiritually and physically. This workshop will help you get to the root of your physical blockages, understand your sexual psychology, and get in sync with your emotional desires.

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Sacred Womanhood
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